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Love Living at Home is a member-driven non for profit organization that enables older adults to live vibrantly while aging in place. Members, volunteers, and staff work together to provide engaging educational and social programs and responsive support services to promote a strong Caring-Connected-Community.

A national movement comes to Tompkins County

Love Living at Home is part of a new and exciting national movement of people who are taking charge of their futures as they age. The Village Movement is an “aging in place” initiative that is at the forefront of an innovative approach to age and aging. There are now more than 200 Villages in the U.S. and nearly that many more in development. While part of this national movement, LLH is a grassroots organization run by local members and volunteers.  Members determine the group's priorities and the programs and services to offer. Everyone has a voice. We are Tompkins County’s own Village – one we hope will grow to reflect our area's diverse and unique character.

Why the need for LLH?  

A 2012 Tompkins County Office for the Aging (TCOFA) survey indicates that the 60+ population is the fastest growing population in Tompkins County. To address the future needs of this demographic, Tompkins County has become an AARP Age-Friendly community and has developed an action plan of initiatives that will improve transportation, housing, health services, and community support for our aging population. Part of this action plan is to encourage the establishment of a “Village” in Tompkins County. We are working closely with TCOFA and the other participants in the Age Friendly initiative to transform aging in Tompkins County.

Background and Concept

The national Village Movement began in 2001 in Beacon Hill, MA and is spreading across the country as an “aging in place initiative.” These virtual villages address the current and unfolding challenges of an older America. LLH is a member of the Village-to-Village Network, a clearing house that allows Villages to share information and support one another.  

Research shows that many Americans want to remain in their own homes as they age, but there are limited resources to make that possible for many people. The Village concept is that a community of people can pool resources by paying membership dues and volunteering their skills and time to support the Village infrastructure and assist one another.

A village like Love Living at Home is a mixture of taking what the community already offers and combining it with our hopes and dreams for our future; accomplished by creating the “one call does it all” consolidated services provider. We, people in our 50’s and older, want to be in control of our own lives just as we always have been. We want to stay in our own homes for as long as possible and live a full and meaningful life well into our 90’s and beyond. We believe Love Living at Home is our answer.

The LLH backstory

Love Living at Home started when the founders saw a TV news story about the Village Movement and realized it was just what they needed to stay in their homes. They gathered a group of community leaders, conducted a survey, developed partnerships with community organizations, including the Tompkins County Office for the Aging, formed the organization, and applied for and obtained start-up financial support. Now we are ready to be the gateway to relationships and resources to help older adults in Tompkins County live in the homes and neighborhoods they love.

For the full history of LLH, click HERE.


Who can join?

Anyone 50+ years and older who live in and around Tompkins County.

Benefits of Membership

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We accept payment annually or monthly. We also have sponsorships for people who cannot afford the membership fees. Please contact the executive director for details at or 607-319-0162.